Where Math and Art Collide

Coverage of a school based art program run by the Burnaby Art Gallery. The program is designed to educate students about the intersecting histories of math and art and to introduce them to artists who used mathematics in their work. In this hands-on class, kids create works of art using pattern, tessellation and origami paper folding.

Photos were later used in various marketing materials for the program.

Destination Conservation

This video features the work of Vancouver based Elements Society and their project Destination Conservation, which brings together students, educators, and school custodians so they can develop practical plans to conserve energy and water and reduce waste at school.

Although the program is facilitated by adults over the course of the 3-year project, the emphasis is on students to develop their own initiatives, which in turn are directed at educating other students in how to make positive environmental change in their own unique school environment.

You can learn more about The Elements Society by visiting their website here.

Power Outage in East Van

This time lapse was taken moments before a 21 hour blackout hit our section of East Van. It was a regular work day, both of us on our computers, glancing out occasionally to marvel at the force of the wind, then boom–out go the lights. Out go the computers too. Suddenly it’s an enforced no image processing day. Will the clients freak? No idea, as both of us had little juice on our phones either and when that ran out it was camping mode from there on in.

On a personal level I enjoyed it. No TV, no music even, just casual conversation over Indian takeaway and a bottle of wine. On a professional level though, it was a relief when the power went on the next day. Back to work!

How hooked are you into your computer and the internet? Could you do without it, really do without it in your personal life? How about for your business? And what about that escape we take for granted into TV or ipods/mp3’s or Kindles and Kobos–how long before you’re drumming your fingers on the table top wondering what to do with yourself? Kinda makes you wonder…

Crib anyone?
Crib anyone?

EAT! Vancouver Food + Cooking Show

The EAT! Vancouver Show at BC Place is the largest food festival in Canada. The 13th EAT! Vancouver floor show was packed with food, beverage and cooking exhibits as well as well-known chefs giving demonstrations on the Zwillings Celebrity Stage. Over 30,000 people attended the festival which ran over 3 days and showcased samples of local food artisan products, international food and a multitude of cooking and kitchen products. The Sips Pavilion offered wine, beer and cocktail tastings for thirsty tasters.

What does all that look and sound like? Here’s an overview of what we experienced.

There was so much to see! Our favourite discoveries during the show in no particular order were Sons of Vancouver Distillery, Project Chef, It’s Not Bacon! and Western Sage Honey.

Sons of Vancouver  is a two man show. The guys run a small batch distillery on Vancouver’s North Shore using locally sourced grains. I tried the amaretto and it was wonderful!

Project Chef is a non-profit program that partners with Vancouver School Board and teaches students about healthy food – where it comes from, how to cook it and how to make healthy food choices. This is a fantastic program and I’d totally encourage people to check them out – they are on the look out for parent volunteers and community partners.

It’s Not Bacon! by Everyday Superfoods was a total surprise. It’s Not Bacon! is smoked coconut flakes that taste like….well…..bacon! If you are vegetarian, vegan or just someone wanting to do “Meatless Mondays” I would encourage you to try this product. We were served mini “BLT”s at the show and they definitely passed the taste test.

Western Sage Honey is specialty honey brand on offer from KB Honey, a family-run business in Surrey. Their honeys were delicious. I was intrigued by the health benefits of bee pollen and bought a jar to try.

There were so many other booths with great products on offer, some we already know and love plus 100’s of new and exciting products to try and knowledgeable people to chat with.  Here are some photos of the exhibition. Check them out and let us know what your favourite find at Eat! Vancouver was.