Power Outage in East Van

This time lapse was taken moments before a 21 hour blackout hit our section of East Van. It was a regular work day, both of us on our computers, glancing out occasionally to marvel at the force of the wind, then boom–out go the lights. Out go the computers too. Suddenly it’s an enforced no image processing day. Will the clients freak? No idea, as both of us had little juice on our phones either and when that ran out it was camping mode from there on in.

On a personal level I enjoyed it. No TV, no music even, just casual conversation over Indian takeaway and a bottle of wine. On a professional level though, it was a relief when the power went on the next day. Back to work!

How hooked are you into your computer and the internet? Could you do without it, really do without it in your personal life? How about for your business? And what about that escape we take for granted into TV or ipods/mp3’s or Kindles and Kobos–how long before you’re drumming your fingers on the table top wondering what to do with yourself? Kinda makes you wonder…

Crib anyone?
Crib anyone?

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